(ARTICLE) Nonprofit founder: Lack of immigration reform a disservice to U.S., talented foreigners

"When we talk about immigrants, we're not just talking about landscape workers or food servers. Immigrants also are innovators, researchers, engineers and students. Our inability to pass immigration reform is not only a disservice to the world's talent, but a disservice to ourselves."

(PRESS RELEASE) Aspiring Americans Initiative awards first immigration relief grant to deserving Oklahoma City University student

"A talented student athlete, Jessica is a political science and philosophy major who has 
been designated both a Clara Luper and Devon Scholar by her university. An avid 
volunteer in political campaigns, Jessica plans to attend law school and get involved in the 
legislative process to represent the Latino community. "

(ARTICLE) Immigration program works with high school students

“We signed a lot of kids up this year [for DACA],” said Clay Vinyard, principal at Ulysses S. Grant High School in Oklahoma City, which is one of the first schools to work with Patel’s nonprofit and is home to one of the city’s highest population of immigrant students. “We have a lot of kids going to college this year because of this program."

(ARTICLE) Patel: Dreams die, families suffer in gridlock

"When people think about immigration reform, numerous ideas come to mind: strengthen the border, deport aliens, crack down on employers, extend in-state tuition to young migrants, deny in-state tuition to young migrants, reform the quota system, and create a path to citizenship. Experts and pseudo-pundits have been debating furiously. Namely, how do we balance the social and economic consequences between expanding opportunities for immigrants and maintaining our security interests?"