Applying to College

Undocumented students can apply to attend college (public or private) in Oklahoma without a social security number by signing an affidavit of intent when they submit their application. 

As a best practice, you or your student should reach out to the appropriate campus contact listed below. You may also want to print out your college applications or advise your students to since online modules often do not allow students to continue without inputting a social security number. 

If you are an undocumented student applying to an institution of higher education that utilizes the "The Common Application," please view our resource guide. Both the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma City University accept this application in addition to 515 colleges and universities across the United States.

Resident Tuition (also referred to as in-state tuition)

According to the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, students who do not have lawful immigration status are eligible for a resident tuition waiver if they:

  • Graduate from a public or private Oklahoma high school
  • Reside in Oklahoma with a parent or legal guardian while attending classes at an Oklahoma public or private high school for at least two years prior to graduation
  • Satisfy admission standards for the institution
  • Provide the institution with a copy of true and correct application or petition filed with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to legalize the student's immigration status OR file an affidavit with the institution stating that the student will file an application to legalize his or her immigration status at the earliest opportunity the student is eligible to do so

Campus Contacts

Below is a list of campus contacts ranging from recruiters to community advocates who are deeply familiar with assisting undocumented students with the application and enrollment process at their institution of higher education:

Bacone College - Amber Glass at 918.685.0809
Carl Albert State - Aaron Emberton at 918.647.1248
Connors State - Spencer Nero at 918.360.3313
East Central University - Jessika Bailey at 580.559.5669
Eastern Oklahoma State - Rusty Shaw at 918.465.1743
Mid-America Christian University - Tiney Holyfield at 405.692.3188
Northern Oklahoma State - Terri Sunderland at 580.548.2321
Oklahoma City Community College - Carlos Robinson at 405.682.1611 ext. 7449                                                               Oklahoma City University - Kyle Wallace at 405.208.5292
Oklahoma State University, Okmulgee - Nate Todd at 918.293.5296
Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma City - Alfredo Melchor at 405.945.9135
Oklahoma State University, Tulsa - Susan Tolbart at 918.594.8313

Oklahoma State University, Stillwater - Virginia Leathers at 405.744.8877

Rogers State University - Kendrick Oakley at 918.343.7549
Rose State College - Ali Sexton at 405. 733.7372
Southwestern Oklahoma State University - Todd Boyd at 580.774.3782                                                                       Tulsa Community College - Rachael Hill at 918.595.7941
University of Oklahoma, RecruitmentJessica Brooks Jimenez at 405.325.3742
University of Oklahoma, Admissions - Elle Shroyer at 405.325.2252                                                                                     University of Central Oklahoma - Jessica Mascote at 405.974.2794