Student and Community Leader Testimonials

Growing up in a conservative state such as Oklahoma, with Deferred Action no less, has presented the need for a far more progressive approach for my future. Aspiring Americans, a non-profit organization based out of Oklahoma City, takes progression towards higher education to the next level. If you are undocumented, DACA or in a position that makes University seem like a far off dream. - Aspiring Americans will get you the resources needed to make said dream a reality. Through mentorship and scholarship guidance this organization has given me the tools needed for my future at the collegiate level and beyond as well as preparing countless of other students. They’re doing something about an issue that society faces, and quite frankly – they are changing lives.
— Carlos Rubio, OU Bound
Aspiring Americans is one of the few organizations that helps DACAmented students to reach their college dream. They truly inspire students to pursue their dreams. The organization with its dedicated staff members have helped so many students and families in terms of legal consultation and connecting students to the financial aid opportunities.
— Silap Berdiyev, Dove Science Academy Counselor
Without the help and support of this nonprofit organization I wouldn’t have been able to gain opportunities to make college possible. I began my senior year afraid and unsure, and now because of Aspiring Americans I am now ending it fearless and informed. They made what seemed impossible to achieve possible for me and I know that they will continue this cycle for generations of undocumented students to come.
— Diana Prieto, OU Bound
Aspiring Americans is a groundbreaking initiative to provide hope and resources to undocumented students in Oklahoma who want to further their education and build a bright and successful future! They are welcoming and provide a safe place to ask questions and receive the support students and their families need. They are also a great resource for educators who want to learn more about the politics and regulations surrounding the undocumented status and find out ways they can help these students find their place in higher Ed.
— Elle Shroyer, Senior International Admissions Counselor
Aspiring Americans is determined to helping any student achieve their college goal by helping them start off on the right foot providing and assisting with scholarship, encouragement, mentorship, organizing plans A-Z sometimes! They are truly hard workers and are dedicated to empowering undocumented students through this amazing non-profit organization!!!
— Alex Raygoza, OSU-OKC Bound
The team at Aspiring Americans has been instrumental in changing students’ lives. GEAR UP for the PROMISE has partnered with Akash and the rest of the team over the past year and could not be more impressed with their willingness to help students succeed. I am thankful for everything they do and appreciate their hard work and dedication in helping to bring issues that need to be addressed to the forefront of education. Thanks for all that you do and keep up the amazing work!
— Lacy Pennington, Parent & Community Coordinator at K20 Center